Bénigne Joliet (sound track for Bergman's Bourgogne / France, Sweden):


Catherine Conlin (guitar, bass, keyboards, production / U.S.A.):





Timezone (guitar, recording engineer / Russia, U.S.A.):

Ali-Khan (co-producer, engineer / U.S.A.):



Huun-Huur-Tu (engineer / Russia, U.S.A.):


Chalama Project (mastering engineer / Russia, U.S.A.):

Nikolai Kopernik (guitar player / Russia):

The Keepers (guitars, sound library / Russia):

House on the Hill (acoustic and electric guitars, producer, engineer / Russia):

Belinda Blair (guitars, guitar synth, occasional bass & keys, production / U.S.A.):


Fifty Foot Hose (co-producer, mixing and mastering engineer / U.S.A.):

Kwisp (co-producer, mixing engineer / U.S.A.):

CWRK(guitars, keyboards, sound library / U.S.A.):



Geo Kitta (audio production / U.S.A.):