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B A N D S 

nikolay kopernik

Dead Dreams

Blind with the Sun

Moscow, Russia

- electric guitar

1986 -1989

Moscow, Russia

- electric & acoustic guitars

1989 -1991


Close to Your Love

To the East


San Francisco, CA

- electric guitar, keyboards, production

1995 -1998


Almost Supernatural


San Francisco, CA

- electric guitar, audio production

1994 -1997

Blue Paint

7 Wonders of the World


San Francisco, CA

- electric guitar, audio production

2009 - 2010

The Weeds

Falling Star


Moscow, Russia

 - electric guitar 


China Tea

Rickshaw's Dream

Released 2015 by


 catherine conlin 

(bass/guitar/synth/electric percussion, producer, recording and mixing engineer)


AWE - San Francisco, CA. 2009

Particles of Dust - a collection of songs recorded in collaboration with musicians from San Francisco & Moscow, Russia. 2011

Girl with a Camera - 14 Sail Boats, Daly City, CA Sandtown Studio, Houston, TX

The Keepers, Moscow, Russa. 2015

Moving Mountains

Riga's Fog

Life is Right Now

Ride the Wave


(guitar player, producer, engineer)

Apparel Sessions - Apparel Studio &

69 Palm, San Francisco, CA. 2007

Life Behind Things

Sleeping Volcano

Music in the Key of Geo

(guitar player, producer, engineer)

Apparel Studio & Strange Decision Studio, San Francisco / 14 Sail Boats, Daly City, CA. 2014


Life Copies Movies 

(guitars, bass, producer, engineer)

Recorded and mixed at Digidesign Studio B &

69 Palm, San Francisco. 2003

Queen of the Nile

Nothing Is My Friend

Atticus Finch

(co-producer, recording & mixing engineer,

occasional guitars)

Sonodrome Digital Lab, San Francisco. 1996

Blasting Days

Too Many Weddings

House on the Hill

(guitar player, producer, engineer)

MDM Studio, Moscow. 1992 

Grandma's Clock

Calm Thing

Released 2012 by

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